A commemorative display given to the Chief of Police A beautiful embroidered coat of arms We offer custom made "finished corner" frames with real 22k gold leafing
We can do custom mirrors in any size and shape. Framing your bathroom mirrors is a great way to give the room a whole new look. We can even use your existing mirrors.
This is just one example of how to preserve and display a blessing dress. Wouldn’t you rather have your keepsakes on display for others to admire and enjoy them, rather than keep them hidden in a drawer or box somewhere in the attic. Not only does framing add beauty to your keepsakes, but our use of acid free materials and conservation glass helps block environmental elements such as: bugs, dust, and damaging UV light rays.

The dress above is almost 110 years old and has been worn by seven women spanning three generations, see plate detail below:

This is an extremely clever alphabet, designed by the wonderfully talented Caroline DeCesare. The letters are all different shapes, sizes and dimensions, and are made of porcelain. The photo below shows some of the unique angles of the letters that really make this piece pop!

This is a custom fabric covered bulitin board I did for a client.

For those seeking the absolute finest in custom framing, look no further. This dramatic frame design is hand gilded in 22K gold and was inspired by the Hudson River School, an American group of 19th century painters. Details on this frame include a scooped back edge crowned with a leaf and berry pattern; a cove panel with acanthus leaf corner overlays; and a series of matte panels, burnished coves and stylized ornamentation.

Above is a closer look at the frame alone. To learn more about these fine custom frames click here.